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Ford + GE Healthcare + Airon

Airon Corporation is proud to be part of the effort to provide life-saving ventilators to fight against COVID-19. It is an honor to be partnered with Ford and GE Healthcare, who will bring to market in record time, an estimated 50,000 pNeuton A-E ventilators that are powered by Airon’s technology.

Improved Patient Safety in the MRI

Improved Patient Safety in the MRI

Airon’s pNeuton ventilators for adults, pediatrics and neonates offer healthcare providers the opportunity to continuously monitor the patient/ventilator interface throughout an entire MRI procedure.

Airon Corporation manufactures and markets innovative, reliable, effective, fully pneumatic oxygen-powered life support ventilation and CPAP products and accessories for healthcare workers worldwide. Our products support neonates, infants, pediatrics, children and adult patients in EMS, hospital ER and trauma, MRI, OR, ICU, and transport.


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