EMS World January 2013 Cover
pNeuton mini Wins EMS World 2012 Innovation Award
December 31, 2012

EMS World selected the pNeuton mini as one of 20 top innovative products in 2012. The pNeuton
mini is designed specifically for neonatal / infant / pediatric life support in ground and air transport, hospitals, even the MRI. The pNeuton mini meets ASTM standards for critical care ventilators and RTCA DO-160G standards for airborne equipment.

Featured on the front cover of EMS World magazine, January 2013, the pNeuton mini was called
a product “that will change the way you deliver prehospital care.” Mike Smith, BS, MICP, EMS
World Editorial Advisory Board described the pNeuton mini as “a little workhorse that delivers
big performance… and is built tough to function in the real world of prehospital medicine.”

With the increasing use of non-invasive ventilation in neonates, the pNeuton mini opens the
door to providing nasal CPAP (nCPAP) or ventilation during transport. With a pure pneumatic operation, the pNeuton mini eliminates the hassle of monitoring or recharging batteries. The patient range for the pNeuton mini is from 400 grams (less than a pound) up to 25 kg (about 11 pounds), providing PEEP, CPAP or ventilation + CPAP with built-in oxygen mixing of 21% to 100%.

To learn more about the pNeuton mini, visit AironUSA.com.