pNeuton Model A

Critical care adult or pediatric ventilator for the ER, OR, ICU, MRI, and transport.

The pNeuton Model A Ventilator with built-In CPAP is your one go-to device for critical care adult or pediatric ventilatory support in a variety of hospital environments including ER and trauma, MRI, OR, ICU, and intra-hospital transport.

Fully pneumatic and able to operate without the need of batteries or electrical power, the pNeuton A can help you care for the most difficult patients wherever they may be located. Non-invasive or invasive ventilation broadens the clinical application and prepares you to meet your patients’ needs during transport.

With simple-to-use controls – Tidal Volume, Respiratory Rate, and Pressure Limit – pNeuton A provides volume-targeted or pressure-limited ventilation. The built-in high output demand flow CPAP system ensures critical care ventilation needs are optimized for spontaneous and mandatory breaths.

The pNeuton A also has an integrated all-pneumatic alarm system with remote alarm capability to alert you to patient circuit disconnects and low gas supply from bedside to MRI observation room and back to the patient bedside.


  • Fully pneumatic – No batteries or electricity needed
  • Invasive or non-invasive ventilation with built-in CPAP
  • Pediatric to adult patient support in ER, MRI, OR, ICU, intra-hospital transport
  • Volume-targeted or pressure-limited ventilation
  • Low patient work of breathing with peak flow up to 140 L/min
  • MRI compatible up to 3T
  • Small, compact, lightweight, portable
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Made in Melbourne, Florida, USA
  • Invasive or non-invasive patient support broadens clinical applications
  • Low patient Work of Breathing with peak flow of up to 140 L/min to meet patient needs
  • 100% or 65% to match patient oxygen requirements
  • Switch from mask CPAP to mechanical ventilation seamlessly and without interruption
  • Low-profile, easy-seal mask reduces facial pressure
Benefits for You, the Healthcare Provider
  • Fully pneumatic and oxygen powered – no need for electricity and no batteries to change
  • Calibrated CPAP and oxygen controls for easy operation
  • MRI conditional up to 3 T – place right next to the scanner with remote alarm output for the control room
  • Built-in CPAP/PEEP system with automatic sensitivity for changing patient needs; no need for external CPAP valves
  • Manometer to monitor patient pressure and effort
  • Protection for the caregiver from patient exhalation using the bacteria / viral filter
  • Built-in patient disconnect alarm with remote alarm capability
  • Simple-to-use controls
  • Rugged and lightweight (6.5 lbs / 3 kg)
Benefits for your Budget
  • Two oxygen levels; conserve oxygen with 65% setting
  • 60-minute CPAP run time on a “E” cylinder
  • Demand flow CPAP system with minimal wasted oxygen
  • Standardized economical patient circuits save on operating costs
  • No batteries or electronics decrease maintenance cost
pNeuton Model A is designed for use in
• ER and trauma
• OR
• Intra-hospital transport
Product Information for the pNeuton Model A Ventilator

pNeuton Model A P/N 20052



  • Pneumatically operated for use on pediatric and adult patients > 23 kg
  • Demand flow system for spontaneous breathing to 140 L/min
  • Pressures displayed on manometer
  • Modes of Operation: CMV, IMV, CPAP, Pressure Limit
  • Mandatory breath flow rate is fixed at 36 L/min
  • MRI compatible: up to 3 T static field strength, 6.9 G/cm spatial field gradient, 300 V RF power, shielded, no gauss line restriction
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds (3 kg)
  • Dimensions: 5″H x 10″W x 7″D (13 x 25 x 18 cm)
  • Input gas requirement: 55 psi ± 15 psi (3.8 bar ± 1 bar)
  • Classification according to MDD 93/42/EEC: IIb
  • Meets International Standards for transport ventilators:
    • ASTM: Ventilators Intended for Use in Critical Care (F 1100-90)
    • ISO: Lung Ventilators for Medical Use, Part 3 (EN 794-3:1999)


Mandatory Breaths: ON or OFF
Respiratory Rate: 3 to 50 bpm
Tidal Volume: 360 to 1,500 ml
Peak Pressure: 15 to 75 cm H2O (mbar)
PEEP/CPAP: 0 to 20 cm H2O (mbar)
Oxygen: 100% or 65%


  • All pneumatic alarm system (no batteries – requires minimum 30 psi / 2 bar gas supply pressure)
  • Patient circuit disconnection
  • Automatic reset when alarm condition resolves
  • 22 Second Activation
  • One minute silence / reset button
  • Low oxygen inlet pressure (below 40 psi)
  • Remote alarm output connection
Regulatory Compliance

International Regulatory Compliance Information

Under regulatory compliance, our goal is to take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations for medical device manufacturing and marketing Airon products. All Airon products are designed, manufactured, and supported based upon sound quality procedures. Every device is CE marked as well as USA FDA cleared.

Product Certification and Approvals

USA – FDA Free Sale Certificate – Certificate to Foreign Government

Canada – Medical Device Licenses
pNeuton ventilator license | patient circuit license

Europe – CE Marking certificates – Airon EC Certificate

Europe – Declarations of Conformity

USA – FDA 510(k) cleared
pNeuton A 

User Resources

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Ordering Information

Ordering information for the
pNeuton Model A
Ventilator, its accessories, and more.


20052 pNeuton Model A Ventilator, Device Only

20055 pNeuton Model A USA Startup Kit; everything you need to get started using your new ventilator.

Kit includes:

(1) pNeuton Model A

(1) DISS high pressure oxygen hose, 8 foot, green

(1) Bed Rail Mount

(1) Box of 58001 patient circuits – 6 foot, single patient use, qty 15

20056 pNeuton Model A International Startup Kit; everything you need to get started using your new ventilator.

Kit includes:

(1) pNeuton Model A Ventilator

(1) high pressure oxygen hose, 2.4m, white, DISS connection on one end, customer specifies probe for other end (DIN, BOC, AGA or NIST)

(1) Bed Rail Mount

(1) Box of 58001 patient circuits – 1.8m, single patient use, qty 15


58001 Adult / pediatric, disposable, single use, 6 foot (1.8m), qty 15
58006 Adult / pediatric, disposable, single use, 6 foot (1.8m), expiratory valve, qty 15
58051 Adult / pediatric, disposable, single use, 8 foot (2.4m), qty 15

CPAP Masks Adult/Pediatric, Non-vented Full Face Mask:
58208 Disposable, single use, box of 20, SMALL
58202 Disposable, single use, box of 20, MEDIUM
58211 Disposable, single use, box of 20, LARGE
58213 Disposable, single use, box of 20, EXTRA-LARGE

58210 Bacterial/Viral Filter, main line or expiratory, box of 50
58151 Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) filter adapter, each

SAFETY NOTE: Only Airon manufactured patient breathing circuits are approved for use with pNeuton ventilators.


21001 MRI compatible Mobile Stand, Includes ventilator mounting plate and dual E cylinder holder
21016 Bed Rail Mount, Model A


21031 Remote Alarm
21002 Rigid Wall Test Lung, 1 liter


21051 Oxygen Regulator, MRI compatible, high pressure D / E cylinders
21055 Manifold, 3 way, standard DISS oxygen connections
21058 Manifold, 3 way, On/Off Toggles
21071 Oxygen Cylinder, E size, MRI compatible


97011 pNeuton A Operator’s Manual, English
97013 Spanish
97014 French
97015 German

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The pNeuton ventilators/CPAP systems are critical care devices designed for use by healthcare professionals under the direction of a physician or healthcare provider.


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