Airon Factory Refurbish / Rebuild
Airon Factory Refurbish / Rebuild
April 24, 2019

All medical devices have a defined life cycle for quality, safety and continued effectiveness in meeting performance specifications. With established Preventative Maintenance procedure performed every 2 years, pNeuton ventilators have an expected maximum 10 year life. For the safety of continued product use beyond its expected life, Airon Corporation recommends a Factory Refurbish / Rebuild manufacturing process. The rebuild is designed to ensure proper performance of the ventilator; your ventilator will look like new and come with a 1 year warranty.
A complete refurbish / rebuild includes:

  • Replacement of enclosure, pressure gauge and all control knobs so the ventilator will look brand new
  • Installation of the PM kit which contains various components including tubing, filters, check valves, and reed alarm
  • Replacement of all key internal components, ensuring all parts are up to the latest specifications
  • Complete inspection of the device
  • Calibration and testing to meet factory specifications

All refurbish / rebuild processes are performed by Airon Corporation at our Melbourne, Florida facility.

Purchase orders for the Rebuild must be issued in advance of the workmanship. All orders must be placed directly with Airon, not through Airon distributors. Upon receipt of a purchase order, a Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGA) will be issued for the unit to be shipped to Airon. No device will be accepted without a properly issued RGA number. Please contact Technical Services at 1-888-448-1238 or to schedule a Rebuild and obtain a RGA.


pNeuton S Rebuild: $ 3,900.00 – Part number 20002R
pNeuton A Rebuild: $ 4,900.00 – Part number 20052R

Shipping is at the cost of the customer. Upon receipt of the device, we average a 15 business day turnaround for the Rebuild. Please verify the estimated service time when requesting a RGA with your purchase order. Loaners are available if desired, at an additional cost.

pNeuton S Loaner: $ 110.00 – Part number 70070
pNeuton A Loaner: $ 175.00 – Part number 70071

Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.
* All pricing is listed for USA only.


CD-O-130 Rev B Rebuild Notice-USA 3 [PDF]