pNeuton mini
The pNeuton mini Infant Critical Care Transport Ventilator with nCPAP Receives FDA Clearance
October 29, 2012

Airon Corporation is proud to announce that their new pNeuton mini — an innovative ventilator designed specifically for neonatal / infant / pediatric life support in hospitals, MRI, and transport — has received 510(k) clearance by the FDA for sale in the USA.

With the increasing use of non-invasive ventilation in neonates, this new ventilator opens the
door to providing nasal CPAP (nCPAP) or ventilation during transport and, most importantly, in
the MRI. The ​pNeuton mini is the world’s first infant ventilator that gives healthcare professionals the potential to support the smallest of patients, 400 grams to 25 kg, throughout the care continuum.

Receiving FDA clearance along with acquiring CE mark approval earlier this year provides the​ pNeuton mini with global authorization for clinical use.
Eric Gjerde, President and CEO, Airon Corporation

The​ pNeuton mini is ideal for areas such as Labor & Delivery, remote hospital locations, surgical procedure support, or the MRI — areas in the hospital where healthcare professionals need a variety of ventilation support levels with patient alarms. This ventilator is more versatile than other infant ventilators, providing full ventilatory support with variable flow rate control, 6 – 20 L/min or nasal CPAP for spontaneous breathing. It has a full range of oxygen delivery from 21% to 100% and pure pneumatic technology which eliminates the need for any batteries. The pNeuton mini meets airworthiness criteria and is rugged enough for all transport conditions.

Airon has released the pNeuton mini for global shipments with the first deliveries scheduled for Airon’s distributors in South Africa, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. Discover the versatility that makes the ​ pNeuton mini a smart choice in infant transport ventilation. Visit