Nurse with pneuton model a
One Thing to Rely On Amidst Everyday Uncertainties
January 17, 2024

Each day presents healthcare workers like you with challenges and unique situations you must confidently respond to. We understand you need something to consistently rely on in the swirl of uncertainty.

Built by respiratory therapists and pulmonology experts, Airon Corporation’s fully pneumatic ventilators deliver volume or pressure control in the face of critical respiratory needs and changing pulmonary dynamics–making them reliable, vital tools to help you effectively fight a variety of infectious and non-infectious diseases and their complexities.  

Ventilation with critical care CPAP for ICU, ER, pre-hospital, trauma, OR, MRI and transport.

Airon’s pNeuton A and pNeuton mini are robustly built and tested–running for 2,000 continuous hours for 90 days for our original FDA submission. Designed to support adults, pediatrics and even the most fragile neonate, each pNeuton ventilator is a workhorse, ideal in the rigorous healthcare environment.

5 ways Airon’s ventilators work hard for you and your patients:

  1. No need to filter patient gas flow: Inspiratory gas flow is a continuous positive flow without interruption during the expiratory phase.
  2. Rugged patient breathing circuit: Manufactured with critical care grade materials, these circuits will withstand the extended continuous use many health care systems have implemented.
  3. Concern for expired respiratory gas: Bacterial/Viral Filters perform as special low flow resistance filters when placed on the exhalation valve. PN 58210. Offered in a box of 50.
  4. Non-invasive application for CPAP or NIV: Apply with a non-vented full face mask, available in 3 sizes as a disposable, single patient use mask. Note: Do Not use a CPAP mask with an internal exhalation port.
  5. Support for busy staff: Both the pNeuton A and pNeuton mini have built-in remote alarm capability with audible/visual patient disconnect alerts.

Thank you for your enduring efforts to save lives everyday. You have our appreciation and support. And please remember to take care of yourself and one another – you are needed, and valued.

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