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pNeuton Mini

pNeuton mini

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Neonatal and Pediatric Ventilation for Life Support Wherever You Need It

Caring for neonatal and infant patients in diverse locations is a challenge. In the critical care units, high technology ventilators now provide a variety of sophisticated support options. But outside of these units, from the Delivery Room to air transport to the MRI, the options are limited.

Now there is a single device that can be used anywhere your patients are and provide the non-invasive or invasive support your patients require. Rugged, precise and flexible, the pNeuton mini ventilator sets the new standard in neonatal to pediatric ventilation. Use it in the Delivery Room to stabilize your at-risk neonates. Take your critically ill to the MRI without concerns for magnetic scanning image distortion. Transport via helicopter, fixed wind or ground knowing your ventilator meets RTCA airworthiness standards.

Infant Critical Life Support.

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