Accessories Make Airon Devices More Useful, Versatile and Efficient

Much of the growth in transport device use within the hospital and emergency medicine is driven by solutions created to solve patient safety issues and serve a wider range of patient populations and environments.

Airon listens to our customers to provide the accessories which allow for an easy transfer and safe transport. You’ve already invested in an Airon ventilator or CPAP system. Now, expand its capabilities with Airon genuine accessories:

Patient breathing circuits designed for adult, infant and neonatal which are economical in today’s disposable world.

CPAP masks for noninvasive respiratory support with ease of use and patient comfort build-in.

Mounting solutions which are safe for those being transported, those working with the devices, other clinical users, and even the general public for pre-hospital transport.

Device accessories enhance the usability of the product. Transporting to diagnostics or the MRI suite – a Remote Alarm provides visual and audible alarm to alert clinicians when the patient is out of immediate reach.

Gas supply accessories connect the driving force for the pNeuton ventilators and MACS CPAP systems. Headed to MRI, no problem – everything from tanks to regulators and mobile stand meet the need.

Product manuals with the latest revision available for reference or a quick language check in Spanish, French or German with other country languages available.