pNeuton Model A Ventilator in MRI
pNeuton model A

pNeuton Model A

pNeuton Mini

pNeuton mini

pNeuton model S

pNeuton Model S

MRI Products

Conventional medical equipment and accessories were not designed to operate in the harsh magnetic resonance (MR) environment that utilizes electromagnetic fields that can adversely affect or alter the operation of these devices. Fortunately, pneumatic technology and non-ferrous materials allow for devices to be developed to perform properly during MRI procedures.

pNeuton Ventilators Overcome MRI Concerns

pNeuton Ventilator are designed with total high-tech pneumatics, including the alarm system – no batteries or electronics. The device will not experience any electronic degradation over time that can malfunction as a result of interference from MR systems, causing additional service and repair costs.

With all ferromagnetic components eliminated from the pNeuton Ventilator design the concern of device migration toward the MR magnet are reduced. The pNeuton Ventilator can be placed right next to the magnet with no requirement to be permanently fixed to the floor or tethered to prevent missile-related accidents.

MRI image distortion is often a concern with medical devices. No gauss line required with the pNeuton Ventilator; design is without any magnetic materials and has been test certified to minimize image artifact.

The pNeuton Ventilator has an integrated all-pneumatic alarm system to enhance patient safety. With remote alarm capability that keeps you alerted to patient circuit disconnects and low gas supply from bedside to MRI observation room.

Finally a vent compatible with an MRI.

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