pneuton model a
Airon Corporation’s pNeuton Model A ventilation technology: Chosen by GE Healthcare + Ford for the fight against COVID-19
June 2, 2020
The pNeuton Model A is a workhorse of ventilation for any patient greater than 25kg, pediatric to adult. When managing pediatric patients, the challenge can be in knowing if pressure or volume targeted ventilation will best achieve and maintain the required gas exchange with minimal lung damage. The Model A supports unique pediatric needs by providing:
    1. Minimized risk of lung injury
      • Simple-to-use controls: Tidal volume, respiratory rate, and pressure limit–pNeuton Model A can provide volume-targeted or pressure-limited ventilation by any healthcare provider.
      • Non-invasive or invasive ventilation with or without CPAP/PEEP: Broadens clinical applications and supports a variety of patients from pediatrics to adults.
    2. Reduced patient work of breathing with manual and spontaneous breaths
      • High output demand flow PEEP/CPAP system: Critical lung support meeting the demands for rapid respiratory rates to comfort the patient
      • Automatic sensitivity: Demand flow system has automatic sensitivity with PEEP/CPAP compensation. As the patient breathes in the ventilator delivers flow up to 140 L/min with stable PEEP/CPAP baseline.
In addition to accommodating pediatric patients, the Model A provides these key advantages:
  1. Long term storage with no maintenance
    • Fully pneumatic: No need for batteries or electrical power (perfect for any field or hospital environment, disaster planning, transport, even limited or make-shift spaces).
    • Compact and lightweight: Weighs 6.5 lbs. (3kg)
  2. Lower cost per ventilator allows for stronger purchase power
    • Critical ventilation needs: Any patient – anywhere; can provide ventilatory care to infants, pediatrics and adults.
    • Quality assurance: All Airon ventilators have met FDA clearance for patient safety, include a CE mark, and meet ISO 13485 requirements without any product recalls in 18 years of production.
  3. Optimized patient safety for critical care applications for the complex patient
    • MRI compatible: No gauss line limitation. The pNeuton Model A ventilator is built without any magnetic materials, and can be placed right next to the magnet.
    • Integrated all-pneumatic alarm system with remote alarm capability: Provides alerts of patient circuit disconnects and low gas supply.
To learn more about Airon’s pNeuton Model A, or our family of ventilators, contact: Marcus Cain, Airon National Sales Manager.