Airon Corporation’s Plan for COVID-19: Increasing Production of Ventilators
March 27, 2020

MELBOURNE, FL USA, March 27, 2020 – Airon Corporation is dramatically increasing the production and shipping of their pNeuton model A pneumatic, life saving ventilator. Established in 1997 and based in Florida USA, Airon is a global manufacturer and marketer of high-technology pneumatic life support products for emergency medicine and critical care. Their lightweight, pneumatic ventilators are specifically designed for hospital, emergency, and transport use to provide life support for patients from neonates to adults.

“Everyone at Airon is staunchly committed to do all we can to participate in the fight against this virus. This is the time for innovative thinking and swift action. We are devoting all our energies to bringing ventilators to the market quickly”, stated Eric Gjerde, president of Airon Corporation. “We have been contacted by hospitals, agencies and governments worldwide and are working to meet their requirements.”

pNeuton model A ventilator is ideal for COVID-19 patients

Airon’s pNeuton A ventilator provides the oxygen, with pressure to keep the lungs open and tidal volumes for each breath for those COVID-19 patients which have become the most critically ill. The ventilator is designed for quick setup, making it easy to use for new healthcare workers.

The plan: more ventilators for patients with COVID-19

Due to the unprecedented demand for mechanical ventilators brought on by COVID19, Airon has taken the following steps:

  • Boosted production by fourfold to meet the requested demand for ventilators as this pandemic continues to spread.
  • Increased staff and shifts for the production ramp up. All our products are assembled and tested at Airon, in Florida, USA.
  • Collaborated with Enterprise Florida and Space Coast Economic Development Commission to search their network to secure partners to support rapid development of needed components.
  • Enrolled innovative scientists and engineers to help accelerate Airon’s ability to assemble, test and ship products. A project team quickly identified ways to radically increase production, and volunteered lean manufacturing process assistance.
  • Invested in additional calibration and testing equipment for final product analysis. Each pneumatic ventilator will continue to meet design specifications to ensure patient and healthcare provider safety.
  • Provided educational support and coaching on effective ventilation techniques and user tools to summarize product set-up and monitoring. COVID-19 has stretched our healthcare system to include caregivers from multiple resources.

With the investment in our staff and products Airon will be able to make a significant contribution to the ventilator needs created by the COVID-19 response. As production methods continue to be optimized, Airon will plan to open product requests from our international distributors.

“Airon is focused on rapidly bringing our ventilators to the market. We are passionate about all healthcare professionals in this fight, and most of all, supporting patients,” stated Pamela K. Fry, BS, RRT, vice president of Airon Corporation. “The response from our community of engineers and manufacturing specialists has been heartfelt as everyone is working around the clock to contribute in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.”

If you have questions or requirements, please contact us. We will reply. We respect and appreciate all the people working in these difficult and dangerous conditions to save lives. Airon is here to help better equip you to win this fight.
Phone: 888.448.1238 (USA + Canada)