True MRI Compatibility

Airon Corporation’s pNeuton Ventilators are well known for their excellent MRI compatibility. All of our Ventilators, pNeuton A, S or mini, are compatible with 3 Tesla MRI scanners. For the best patient care they can be placed right next to the scanner with no Gauss Line restriction. This lets you use normal length patient circuits, not the extra length hoses and ventilator compensation required with other ventilators.

Positioned beside the MRI scanner, the ventilator will not create any image artifact. How do we accomplish this feat of technology you ask? Look no further:

• the ventilators are purely pneumatic in operation

• without electronics or batteries inside – no magnetic field interruption

• all manufactured materials have been carefully selected to eliminate magnetic attraction


• with no circuit boards = no degradation of components due to the constant exposure to strong magnetic fields – pNeuton does not require any MRI exposure related ventilator maintenance


Patient / ventilator monitoring in the MRI room is no longer a critical issue. A key benefit of the pNeuton model A and mini ventilators is the remote alarm output. This feature allows you to connect the ventilator to an alarm system inside the MRI control room. Once connected, an alarm on the pNeuton will cause the alarm monitor in the control room to alert the healthcare provider. Matching pNeuton accessories including a connecting cable and remote alarm device are available from Airon to enhance the MRI ventilatory safety factor.

Anytime new technology is introduced for the MRI scanner it must be tested and certified to function in that environment – Airon offers assistance to recertify the pNeuton ventilator. Recently DePaul University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA upgraded their Phillips 3 Tesla MRI to the latest software functionality. After the conversion the higher capabilities of the MRI scanner started to see image artifact which had not been there previously. Working with Depaul’s biomedical engineer Bill Schmidt, we were able to find a solution to overcome the issue associated with the cable for the ventilator remote alarm system.

You can count on Airon and its products when ventilator dependent patients require MRI diagnostic imaging. The ventilator is the perfect device to support patients within the MRI — and combined with transporting your patients from the emergency department or critical care unit the pNeuton ventilator becomes a complete portable ventilation system for infants to adults.


CPAP with ventilation: pNeuton model A

CPAP with ventilation: pNeuton model S



Neonatal / Pediatric ventilation: pNeuton mini