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pNeuton mini

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pNeuton model A

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pNeuton model S


Portable Transport Ventilators – Standard of Care for Patients Requiring Ventilatory Support

Intra-hospital and inter-hospital transport of critically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation for diagnostic or therapeutic procedure represents a common, yet difficult, problem faced by clinicians. In addition, patients must be transported to and from the operating suite and from the emergency department to the ICU. Transport of the mechanically ventilated patient requires an evaluation of the risk-benefit of the patient movement. Every attempt should be made to assure that monitoring, ventilation, oxygenation, and patient care remain constant during patient movement.

Two ventilation choices are available to the clinician; manual ventilation or transport mechanical ventilator. Complications of transport during manual ventilation have been reported to include hyperventilation with marked respiratory alkalosis, cardiac arrhythmias and hypotension. Clinical studies have recommended that portable ventilators be used for transport, because transport ventilators have been shown to provide more constant ventilation than manual ventilation.

Ventilation with Critical Care CPAP for Pre-Hospital, ER, ICU, OR, MRI and Transports

The pNeuton family of ventilators is designed for neonatal to pediatric to adult critical care patient support. The performance of the pNeuton transport ventilators allow for seamless transition from an ICU ventilator maintaining patient controlled ventilation and monitoring.

Designed to provide full support, delivering volume or pressure control in the face of changing pulmonary needs. With our high output demand flow PEEP/CPAP system, critical care ventilation needs are optimized for spontaneous and mandatory breaths. Noninvasive or invasive ventilation broadens the clinical application and prepares the clinician to meet patient needs during transport.

Patient safety covered, the pNeuton Ventilator has an integrated all-pneumatic alarm system with remote alarm capability that keeps you alerted to patient circuit disconnects and low gas supply from bedside to MRI observation room for each transport.

When ventilatory support is required during transport – think pNeuton

  • Pre-hospital / Emergency / Trauma
  • Inter and Intra-Hospital
  • Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal

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