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Disposable Laryngoscopes

New, unique, disposable laryngoscopes for use in any environment. Specifically designed for the harshest environments, the Duoscope and Onescope laryngoscopes can be used anywhere patients need intubation. This includes EMS and military operations as well as multiple hospital settings including: emergency department, post anesthesia, and intensive care.

The Duoscope is truly unique. Its functional design facilitates immediate accessibility and instantaneous response in emergency situations. When opened the user has 2 different intubation blades to use. One blade functions as the handle while the other blade is inserted for cord visualization.

The Duoscope comes in three different configurations, providing a combination of 4 different blade sizes.

The Onescope looks like a standard laryngoscope with a single blade. However, the handle is hollow making it a very lightweight and easy to use laryngoscope.

Both laryngoscopes use a Super Bright Pure White Water Clear LED that will operate for up to 24 hours. The laryngoscopes meet the ISO standard for blade structural integrity: tested with an applied load of 40 kg force, there was no breakage for the full range of the blade.