Device Accessories

Remote Alarm

The Remote Alarm is a battery powered alarm system used to connect the remote alarm outlet on the pNeuton model A ventilator. The alarm will provide a visual and audible alarm when there is an alarm on the ventilator. The alarm system can be used in the control room of MRI suites to alert caregivers of an alarm on the ventilator. Manufactured by Phillips / Respironics as their part number 1118941. This alarm is not MRI compatible.

P/N 21031

Remote Alarm Cable

Remote Alarm Cable

The Remote Alarm Cable allows the pNeuton model A ventilator to connect to remote alarm systems. It has BNC male-female connections. These cables are MRI compatible.

P/N 21035 – 50 feet (15.2 m)
P/N 21036 – 100 feet (30.5 m)

1 liter test lungs

Test Lungs

A rigid wall Test Lung is ideal to test and demonstrate the performance of all Airon products. Spontaneous breaths can only be properly simulated using a rigid wall test lung.
P/N 21002

Infant dual test lung, 50 ml

Infant dual lung, 50 ml
P/N 21003

P/N 58210 – Bacterial/Viral Filter, main line or expiratory, box of 50

Bacterial/Viral Filter

Box of 50. Disposable, single patient use. Approved for use in-line and on expiratory valve output. Protects caregiver from patient exhalation.
P/N 58210