pNeuton mini Ventilator


pNeuton mini Ventilator for neonatal / infant / child critical life support anywhere

The new pNeuton mini ventilator, a whole new approach to neonatal, infant and pediatric ventilation.  A purely pneumatic ventilator that can support patients non-invasively using nasal prongs or masks with CPAP or ventilation + CPAP.  The ventilator can also be used with endo-tracheal tubes for full support.

Operates with no electricity – no batteries – just compressed oxygen and air

With a built-in oxygen blender and precise timing and pressure controls the ventilator will do everything standard infant ventilators do, but without the need for electricity or batteries.  The ventilator is ideal for transporting patients both within the hospital and via air or ground ambulance.  It is fully MRI compatible and can be placed right next to the MRI.

mini, the newest ventilator to expand your care of our most fragile patients from 400 grams to 25 kilograms.

The pNeuton ventilators are critical care devices designed for use by healthcare professionals under the direction of a physician.

Compatiblity with Bunnell Life Pulse High-Frequency Ventilator

The pNeuton Mini Ventilator is fully compatible with the Life Pulse High-Frequency Ventilator from Bunnell Incorporated. It will provide conventional ventilation in tandem with the Life Pulse without interfering with high frequency ventilation or nuisance alarms.

Testing of the Mini Ventilator and the Life Pulse HFV was done by Bunnell personnel at their facility. The Bunnell Life Pulse HFV was connected in tandem with the Mini ventilator to a test lung. Their results were as follows.

• The Life Pulse was first set for PIP 20 cm H2O, Rate 420 bpm, I-time 0.020 sec. There was no noticeable difference in performance of either ventilator. The alarms on the Mini continued to function properly.

• The Mini ventilator was run in both CPAP and IMV + CPAP at a variety of rates, pressures and I-times. The Mini continued to deliver its basic functions with no impact on the functionality of the Life Pulse.

• With the Life Pulse alarms active (Ready), changing the rate and PIP on the Mini significantly always caused the Life Pulse to alarm appropriately for changes in Servo pressure and MAP.


The Airon pNeuton Mini Transport Ventilator meets the basic conventional ventilator requirements of the Life Pulse HFV. This evaluation does not constitute a validation or endorsement by Bunnell Incorporated.

Features & Benefits

Benefits for the patient

  • A wide range of continuous flow settings to provide the right ventilation for the size of your patient with the least amount of expiratory flow resistance
  • Adjustable oxygen delivery from 21% to 100% to precisely match patient oxygen requirements
  • Switch from CPAP nasal prongs, face mask to invasive ventilation seamlessly and without interruption
  • One ventilator with no change in patient circuit wherever patient care and diagnostic procedures are needed

Benefits for the healthcare provider

  • Calibrated controls for precise and easy operation
  • Night visible manometer to monitor patient pressure and effort
  • Patient disconnect and high pressure alarms that work during non-invasive and invasive ventilation
  • MRI conditional up to 3 T – place right next to the scanner with remote alarm output for the control room
  • Oxygen powered – no batteries to change
  • Rugged and tested to meet RTCA standards with everything built-in – no accessories needed

Benefits for your budget

  • Switch from invasive ventilatory support to non-invasive with just a simple change of the patient interface
  • Lightweight and portable with attachment to any patient care incubator / bed
  • Minimal oxygen consumption to maximize transport times
  • No batteries or electronics decrease preventative maintenance costs



  • Pneumatically powered for use on neonatal / infant and pediatric patients
  • Patient range – 400 gram to 25 kilogram
  • Modes – CMV, IMV + CPAP or CPAP only – continuous flow pressure limited ventilation
  • Pressures displayed on manometer
  • MRI conditional – 3 T or less, maximum spacial gradient magnetic field of 720-gauss/cm or less, no gauss line restriction
  • Gas consumption – flow setting + 3 L/min
  • Size – 8.6″ W x 7″ H x 7.6″ D (22 cm W x 18 cm H x 19.4 cm D)
  • Weight –  8.8 lbs (4 kg)
  • Input gas requirement (oxygen and medical air): 55 psi ± 15 psi (3.8 bar ± 1 bar) each gas
  • Classification according to MDD 93/42/EEC: IIb
  • Meets International Standards for transport ventilators:
    • ASTM F1100-90 – Ventilators Intended for Use in Critical Care
    • ISO 10651-3:1997 – Lung Ventilators for Medical Use- Particular requirements for emergency and transport ventilators
    • Airworthiness: RTCA DO-160G – Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment, as applicable

Control Settings

– Inspiratory time 0.25 to 2 seconds
– Expiratory time 0.25 to 20 seconds
– Continuous Flow 6, 8, 10, 15 or 20 L/min
– Peak pressure 10 to 60 cm H2O (mbar)
– PEEP / CPAP 0 to 20 cm H2O (mbar)
– Oxygen 21 to 100% ± 3%, requires oxygen and medical air source


Audible and Visual Alarms

  • All pneumatic alarm system (no batteries)
  • Patient circuit disconnection
    • Automatic reset when alarm condition resolves
    • 20 second silence / reset button
    • 10 second activation
  • High pressure – independently adjustable from Peak Pressure
  • Low gas source pressure
    • If either source gas drops below 40 psi (2.8 bar)
    • Continues operation as long as oxygen is available


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Ordering Information / Accessories

pNeuton mini Devices


Part #

mini Startup Kit – Everything you need to get started using your pNeuton mini – Kit includes:
(1) pNeuton mini Ventilator
(1) 8 foot DISS high pressure oxygen supply hose (green) (Note: ISO color hose available)
(1) 8 foot DISS high pressure medical air supply hose (yellow) (Note: ISO color hose available)
(1) Pole mount
(1) box of 58031 circuits – 6 foot infant circuit, single patient use, qty 15.
  mini, device only – (1) pNeuton mini Ventilator 20031

Patient Circuits & Accessories


Part #

Neonatal/infant patient circuit– Box of 15. Disposable, single patient use. 10mm ID, 6 foot (1.8m) length. SAFETY NOTE: Only Airon manufactured patient breathing circuits are approved for use with pNeuton ventilators. 58031
Child /pediatric patient circuit – Box of 15. Disposable, single patient use. 15mm ID, 6 foot (1.8m) length. SAFETY NOTE: Only Airon manufactured patient breathing circuits are approved for use with pNeuton ventilators. 58035
miniFlow Start-up Kit – Small. Disposable, single patient use.  Includes 5 miniFlow interfaces, 3 Small nasal prongs, 2 masks, and 3 bonnets. 58235
miniFlow Start-up Kit Large. Disposable, single patient use.  Includes 5 miniFlow interfaces, 3 Large nasal prongs, 2 masks, and 3 bonnets. 58236
miniFlow nCPAP Patient Interface – Box of 20.  For use with the pNeuton mini. 58400
miniFlow Nasal Prongs – Nasal prongs for use with miniFlow system.  Box of 10 single use, disposable nasal prongs.

Size Micro
Size Small
Size Medium
Size Large
Size X-Large
Size Large Wide
Size Medium Wide


miniFlow Nasal Mask – Nasal mask for use with miniFlow system. Box of 10 single use, disposable nasal masks.

Size Small
Size Medium
Size Large
Size X-Large


miniFlow Bonnet – Head Bonnet for use with miniFlow system. Box of 10 single use, disposable bonnets.

Size X-Small
Size Small
Size Medium
Size Large
Size X-Large
Size XX-Large
Size XXX-Large


attachment-strips miniFlow Attachment strip for bonnets – Attachment strips for use with miniFlow system. Box of 10 single use, disposable strips

Size 13 cm
Size 15 cm
Size 18 cm
Size 20 cm
Size 23 cm


Device Accessories


Part #

MRI compatible Mobile Stand, mini – The Mobile Stand is a 3 foot, 9 inch (1.2 m) tall, MRI compatible stand designed to hold the pNeuton mini ventilator. The five wheeled stand uses large 3 inch (7.6 cm) wheels to aid in stability and ease of movement. Four “E” size cylinders (2 medical air, 2 oxygen) can be securely mounted on the stand. The ventilator attaches to the stand using a mounting plate which allows the user to slide the ventilator on and off the stand for transport. 21005
  Test Lung, infant – A rigid wall Test Lung is ideal to test and demonstrate the performance of the pNeuton mini. Spontaneous breaths can only be properly simulated using a rigid wall test lung. 21003
Pole / Rail Mount for mini Ventilator / pNeuton S / MACS epic – The Pole / Rail Mounting Bracket allow the mini / pNeuton S / MACS epic to be firmly attached to vertical or horizontal poles, such as IV pole or bed rails.  Poles up to 1.25” (3 cm) can be accommodated.  The bracket comes with a sliding plate to allow the device to be removed from the bracket.  This sliding plate is the same one that is used on the Mobile Stand.  This means the mini / S / epic can be used with both the Mobile Stand and the bracket to insure secure mounting at various locations. The bracket can also be used in ambulances to meet European EN 1789 requirements. 21018
Remote Alarm – Respironics Model 1118941, allows the user to attach a remote alarm to the pNeuton Ventilator. Great for the MRI control room. 21031
Remote Alarm Cables – MR safe BNC cables to attach the remote alarm to the pNeuton Ventilator

50 foot (15 m) cable
100 foot (30 m) cable


Oxygen Supply Accessories


Part #

Oxygen Regulator – A MRI compatible high pressure oxygen regulator for D / E size oxygen tanks. 21051
Medical Air Regulator – A MRI compatible high pressure medical air regulator for D / E size tanks. 21052
Manifold System – A 3-way manifold that connects to the mobile stand and allows for the seamless use of two oxygen cylinders and external oxygen supply to provide continuous power to the pNeuton ventilator.  Both systems include 1 oxygen and 1 medical air manifold, 3 x 18″ each high pressure air and oxygen hoses and 1 x 10′ each high pressure air and oxygen hoses.  The standard manifold also includes 2 each oxygen and medical air regulators.

Standard Manifold
Manifold with On/Off Toggles


High Pressure Oxygen Hose – DISS Female both ends, MRI compatible. (Note: ISO color hose available)

3 foot, green flexible hose
8 foot, green flexible hose
12 foot, green flexible hose
30 foot, green flexible hose


21065 High Pressure Medical Air Hose – DISS Female both ends, MRI compatible.

8 foot, yellow flexible hose


Oxygen Cylinder, E Size – A 600 liter green oxygen cylinder with yoke stem valve 21071
Medical Air Cylinder, E Size – A 600 liter yellow medical air cylinder with yoke stem valve 21072



Part #

User Resource CD – Powerpoint Presentations and Inservice Checklist for pNeuton mini Ventilator 97024
pNeuton mini Operators Manual