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onescope pic for frontOnescope is truly unique

The Onescope looks like a standard laryngoscope with a single blade. It’s functional design facilitates immediate accessibility and instantaneous response in emergency situations. The handle is hollow making it a very lightweight and easy to use laryngoscope. The Onescope comes in three different blade configurations and sizes.

Onescope Performance

The Onescope laryngoscope uses a Super Bright Pure White Water Clear LED that will operate for up to 24 hours. The laryngoscope meet the ISO standard for blade structural integrity: tested with an applied load of 40 kg force, there was no breakage for the full range of the blade.

Features & Benefits

Benefits for the patient

  • Minimizes risk of cross-contamination during intubation
  • Gentle touch on the patient’s teeth due to ABS construction
  • No Assembly – Quick Action
  • Light lasts for 24 hours, plenty of time to do it right


Benefits for the healthcare provider

  • High quality ABS plastic molding provides the strength and rigidity needed for intubation
  • Macintosh profile for adults
  • Miller profile for pediatrics
  • Powerful Super Bright Pure White Water Clear LED for easy viewing


Benefits for your budget

  • Eliminates cost and time associated with reprocessing blades
  • Light-weight, “Two in One” blade without the need to carry multiple handles, blades or batteries
  • Shelf life over 5 years for long storage
  • Coin cell batteries for easy disposal



  • Type – Disposable
  • Material – ABS X-17 Plastic
  • Lamp On/Off switch, over 24 hrs. continuous illumination
  • Light – LED, Super Bright Pure White Water Clear
  • Aperture Opening – 90 degrees
  • Battery – 3.0V Lithium-Manganese Coin Cell (1), easily removed for disposal/recycle
  • Storage Conditions -22 degrees F to 140 degrees F (-30 degree C to -60 degree C)
  • Each blade and handle packaged nonsterile in a sealed pouch ready for ETO sterilization
  • Meets International Standards for Laryngoscopes:
    • ISO: 7376: 2009: Anesthesia and respiratory equipment – Laryngoscopes for tracheal intubation

Blade Configuration / Size (Closed)

– Miller Size #1 174mm H x 116mm W x 29mm D
– Macintosh Size #3 182mm H x 141mm W x 29mm D
– Macintosh Size #4 182mm H x 172mm W x 29mm D




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Onescope Laryngoscope – The disposable ONESCOPE is a cost effective premium intubation device for anesthesia, emergency situations and crash cart or kit. GB1000 (Miller 1)

GB3000 (Macintosh 3)

GB4000 (Macintosh 4)