MACS epic CPAP System


MACS epic CPAP System for hospitals and transport
The MACS epic is designed specifically to address the unique requirements of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) within the hospital, including dynamic breathing patterns, flow demand, and higher oxygen needs.

The MACS epic features comfortable mask application, accurate monitoring, reliable alarms, and a full range of benefits , such as:

• CPAP mode with demand flow for maintaining airway patency and decreasing work of breathing

• Oxygen control which allows 21% – 100% concentration without attaching auxiliary oxygen to the mask

• Pressure regulation at the mask to ensure accurate therapy for the patient

MACS epic is ideal for:

Emergency Department
– Supports acute pulmonary exacerbation
– Advances care for congestive heart failure

Post Anesthesia
– Airway support for sedation anesthesia
– Pressure supported oxygenation for shallow breathing

Intensive Care
– Weaning protocol for respiratory conditions
– Reduces work of breathing post intubation

Continuum of Care
– Provides sub-acute therapy to reduce needs for intubation
– Nocturnal CPAP support for respiratory muscle mechanics

Features & Benefits

Benefits for the patient

  • Low patient Work of Breathing (WOB) with peak flow of up to 140 L/min to meet patient needs
  • Adjustable oxygen delivery from 21% to 100% to precisely match patient oxygen requirements
  • Low-profile, easy-seal mask reduces facial pressure
  • Audible alert reminds patient of mask leak / patient disconnect to maintain CPAP therapy
  • Early intervention for respiratory support in emergency care or within the general hospital environment


Benefits for the healthcare provider

  • Calibrated CPAP control with automatic sensitivity for changing patient needs
  • Gas input options to deliver precise FIO2 for acute care needs or oxygen only for transport
  • Built-in patient disconnect alarm with remote output to nurse calls systems
  • Manometer to monitor CPAP delivery pressure and patient effort
  • Ease of operation with two controls; CPAP and FIO2
  • Night visible pressure gauge for ease of patient monitoring
  • Monitor CO2 with invasive/non-invasive CPAP support for spontaneously breathing patients
  • Pneumatically powered – no batteries


Benefits for your budget

  • Oxygen delivery options for critical care and transport; no external battery required for CPAP transport
  • Standardized economical patient circuits exchanges with the pNeuton Ventilator to save on operating costs
  • Minimal oxygen consumption, even at high oxygen levels, to maximize transport times and lower cost
  • No batteries or electronics decrease preventative maintenance costs



  • All pneumatic design; no batteries required
  • Calibrated CPAP control allows easy pressure adjustment to match patient requirements
  • Demand flow system with automatic flow triggering
    • Peak flow to 140 L/min
    • Eliminates wasted oxygen gas supply


  • Pressure displayed on night viewable manometer
  • Input Gas Supply – 55 psi ± 15 psi (3.8 bar ± 1 bar)
  • Size – 7.5″ H x 6.0″ W x 8.7″ D (19.1 cm x 15.2 cm x 22.1 cm)
  • Weight – 6 pounds (2.7 kg)
  • Classification according to MDD 93/42/EEC: llb
  • Meets International Standards
    • ASTM: F 920-85 Minimum Performance and Safety Requirements for Resuscitators Intended for use with Humans
    • ISO 10651-5:2006 Lung ventilators for medical use – Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance – Part 5: Gas-powered emergency resuscitators
    • IEC 60529:2001 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures, level IPX4

Control Settings

– CPAP 0 to 20 cmH2O (mbar)
– Oxygen Options
   Gas Input

21 to 100% ± 5% (Oxygen & Air source gas),
± 10% with peak insp. flow > 50 L/min

65% ± 5% for transport (Oxygen source gas only)



          Alarm System

        • Patient Disconnect
          • CPAP pressure: less than 5 cm H2O
          • Alarm delay: 22 seconds
          • Alarm silence: 60 seconds
          • Automatic reset when alarm condition resolves
        • Low Gas Supply – Gas Input Oxygen + Air only
          • Input supply pressure differential: 18 to 22 psi
          • Cannot be silenced
        • Remote Alarm Output


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User Resources
MACS epic CPAP Product Brochure
MACS epic CPAP Operator’s Manual
Clinical Articles
CPAP Bibliography

Ordering Information / Accessories

MACS epic Devices


Part #

  MACS epic CPAP, device only – (1) MACS epic CPAP system  20301

Patient Circuits & Accessories


Part #

Adult/pediatric patient circuit– Box of 15.  Disposable, single patient use. 22mm ID, 6 foot (1.8m) length.  SAFETY NOTE: Only Airon manufactured patient breathing circuits are approved for use with pNeuton ventilators.

Standard Circuit
Circuit with expiratory filter
Circuit with mask and headstrap
Circuit with mask, headstrap, and expiratory filter


CPAP Masks, Adult / Pediatric, Non-vented full face mask, short term use– Box of 20. Disposable, single patient use.

Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large


HERO® CPAP Masks, Adult/Pediatric, Non-vented full face mask– Box of 20. Disposable, single patient use.

Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large


  Bacterial/Viral Filter – Box of 50.  Disposable, single patient use.  Approved for use in-line and on expiratory valve output. Protects caregiver from patient exhalation.  58210

Device Accessories


Part #

Mobile Stand
– 3 foot, 9 inch (1.2 m) tall
– MRI compatible stand designed to hold the MACS epic. Two “E” size cylinders can be securely mounted on the stand. The unit attaches to the stand using a mounting plate, which allows the user to slide the MACS epic on and off the stand for transport.

2 Cylinder Stand
4 Cylinder Stand


Test Lung – A rigid wall Test Lung is ideal to test and demonstrate the performance of all Airon products.  Spontaneous breaths can only be properly simulated using a rigid wall test lung. 21002
Pole / Rail Mount for mini Ventilator / pNeuton S / MACS epic – The Pole / Rail Mounting Bracket allow the mini / pNeuton S / MACS epic to be firmly attached to vertical or horizontal poles, such as IV pole or bed rails.  Poles up to 1.25” (3 cm) can be accommodated.  The bracket comes with a sliding plate to allow the device to be removed from the bracket.  This sliding plate is the same one that is used on the Mobile Stand.  This means the mini / S / epic can be used with both the Mobile Stand and the bracket to insure secure mounting at various locations. The bracket can also be used in ambulances to meet European EN 1789 requirements. 21018
Remote Alarm – Respironics Model 1118941 – Allows the user to attach a remote alarm to the MACS epic. 21031
Remote Alarm Cables – MRI compatible BNC cables to attach the remote alarm to the pNeuton Ventilator

50 foot (15 m) cable
100 foot (30 m) cable


Oxygen Supply Accessories


Part #

Oxygen Regulator – A MRI compatible high pressure oxygen regulator for D / E size oxygen tanks. 21051
     Medical Air Regulator – A MRI compatible high pressure air regulator for D / E size medical air tanks. 21052
High Pressure Oxygen Hose – DISS Female both ends, MRI compatible. (Note: ISO color hose available)

3 foot, green flexible hose
8 foot, green flexible hose
12 foot, green flexible hose
30 foot, green flexible hose


21065 High Pressure Medical Air Hose – DISS Female both ends, MRI compatible.

8 foot, yellow flexible hose


Oxygen Cylinder, E Size – A 600 liter green oxygen cylinder with yoke stem valve 21071
Medical Air Cylinder, E Size – A 600 liter yellow medical air cylinder with yoke stem valve 21072
Reusable Patient Circuit

– Adult/pediatric patient circuit, autoclavable
– 1.8 meters (6 ft)

Available for International Customers Only.




Part #

MACS epic Operators Manual