Hospital CPAP

Critical care CPAP with alarms and oxygen control, even during transport. The MACS epic CPAP System is designed specifically to address the unique requirements of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure within the hospital, including dynamic breathing patterns, flow demand and higher oxygen needs. Fully pneumatic and operates without the need of batteries or external power the MACS epic is ready to meet the ventilatory support needs of spontaneous breathing patients.

Any Patient, Anywhere With a hospital-grade CPAP to match patient acuity, the demand flow CPAP automatically adjusts flow to meet changes in patients needs; maintaining airway patency, supporting shallow respiration and decreasing work of breathing. The MACS epic features comfortable mask application, accurate monitoring, reliable alarms and full range of FiO2.

Patient Safety Covered The MACS epic has an integrated all-pneumatic alarm system with remote alarm capability keeps you alerted to patient circuit disconnects and low gas supply from bedside through transport and back.

MACS epic delivers reliable CPAP – from emergency to non-critical care settings where CPAP is gaining popularity.
Emergency Care: Supports acute pulmonary exacerbation
Advances care for congestive heart failure
Post-anesthesia:  Airway support for sedation anesthesia
Pressure supported oxygenation for shallow breathing
Intensive care:     Weaning protocols for respiratory conditions
Reduces work of breathing post intubation
Care Continuum: Early intervention, provides therapy to reduce need for intubation
Nocturnal CPAP support for respiratory muscle mechanics

Hospital CPAP –MACS epic CPAP System