pNeuton model S

CPAP without Ventilation: MACS

pNeuton model S

CPAP with Ventilation: pNeuton model S

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Critical Care CPAP for EMS: with + without Ventilation

When you’re ready to bring critical care medicine to the field, look at the CPAP devices more and more EMS professionals prefer: MACS stand-alone CPAP system and the pNeuton model S transport ventilator with built-in CPAP.

Affordable, rugged and lightweight, the MACS and pNeuton model S support patients in respiratory distress who would otherwise require intubation. EMS agencies with mask CPAP protocols have reported a substantial decrease in patient intubations with increased ER stabilization.

For your patients, both CPAP devices offer extremely low Work of Breathing (WOB) with peak flow of up to 140 L/min.

Easy, reliable respiratory support.

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