Customer Testimonials


pNeuton model A

“Patient safety and quality care are the highest priorities of every health care organization today. Especially in a high risk environment like MRI. The pNeuton MRI compatibility allows you to maintain the highest level of care for your patients, while in an environment known for it’s equipment limitations. The Respiratory Therapist’s value it’s ease of use, portability for patient transport, and it’s dependability. The pNeuton model A has proven to be an excellent product, and you’ll appreciate the topnotch customer service Airon provides.” February 2016, Health First Inc.

Vincent Lorme MBA, RRT-NPS – System Director Cardiopulmonary and Neurodiagnostics, Cape Canaveral FL


pNeuton model S

Bray says another big benefit of the pNeuton model S is the ability to have the ventilator.“We use the ventilator during cardiac arrests, and it frees up a person for resources,” Bray says. “It’s kind of like a force multiplier. When we put the patient on a ventilator, the paramedic is free to work on other aspects of the patient.” March 2016, EMS World Magazine

Ronald Bray – Nature Coast EMS Lecanto, FL


“The quality and simplicity of it [pNeuton model S] was that it could be easily purchased, it came contained in one unit with its own bag and hoses, it was designed to be utilized in an ambulance, the amount of oxygen it utilizes was significantly less than prior devices we had used so it offered cost savings and efficiency, and it was compact, light and required very little teaching time.” March 2015, EMS World Magazine

John Logan – Director of Community LifeTeam Inc., Harrisburg PA


“Airon’s pNeuton model S transport ventilator provides adult/pedatric volume or bi-level pressure ventilation and high-performance CPAP in EMS environments. Pure pneumatic technology eliminates the need for batteries. A choice of 100% or 65% oxygen delivery lets providers significantly extend transport times-up to 45 minutes on a D Cylinder.” March 2014, EMS World Magazine


“Distance from appropriate medical facilities or time spent getting into and out of some of the more harrowing locales we encounter proves an ongoing need for quality ventilation equipment…The pNeuton S meets these challenges for Clay County.” March 2014, EMS World Magazine

Captain Bernita Bush, MPA, EMT-P – Clay County Fire Rescue, Green Cove Springs FL


“Beyond it’s petite size (4″ x 8″ x 6”) and weight (6 lbs.), the main attraction of the pNeuton S was it’s ability to deliver continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). Quad City Med Force used other ventilators previously, but those lacked CPAP capability.” April 2009, EMS World Magazine



“We have seen a reduction in field endotracheal intubations over the past 18 months because of the difference [MACS] CPAP makes to patients in severe respiratory distress that would otherwise be intubated.” April 2012, EMS World Magazine

Pete Moreneo, Jr. – Director of Support Services for South Texas Emergency Care, Harlingen TX


“The MACS System gives the option of 100% O2 or 65% O2…” He [Pete Moreneo, Jr.] also appreciate’s that it’s very light and portable and has been proven to be very durable.  April 2012, EMS World Magazine


“We nixed the disposables really quickly…then we looked at oxygen consumption, ease of use and benefit to the patient and chose the Airon model [MACS CPAP System].” November 2011, EMS World Magazine

Mike Lutz – EMS Director for Magnolia Hospital EMS, Corinth MS